Day 10 Honda Quest 2018


Honda Quest 2018 Winners are...

But first, the day broke clear and warm and with almost no wind for a change at the camp!

Today would be the shortest and easiest of Honda Quest but no less nerve wracking. The finalists would know who had won only once they arrived for the victory ceremony back where it all began at Kaleo Guest Farm.

It was an emotional entry to the grounds that seemed such a long way off from Boot Camp only a month ago.

After a short round of introductions and interviews with the media and Honda Dealers, the serious and most important bit began.

Hardy had some very kind and inspirational words for Barend and all those from Honda, as well as the support crew and competitors.

Barend Fouché from Honda SA was then up. He made the point that the competitors have now just joined a very select group who can call themselves Honda Quest Finishers. He had this to say about the role Honda Quest serves,

“The core part of our business is to sell motorcycles, so besides changing 14 people’s lives, why do we do it?

The simple answer is to help us introduce or convert people to the Honda Africa Twins.

Honda Quest generates interest and excitement through having you guys live a dream. Your journey has and will continue to touch, move and inspire people to go out there and make a difference in their lives.

I look forward to you continuing to help me get more people onto our bikes and living their Adventures.”

Then, with all appropriate thanks given, just like that he called on the winning team;

Team 2: Mojaki Rammoneng and Claude Deyzel.

It was an emotional and unanimous decision. They richly deserved to be the winners and for their efforts, they both get to keep the very bikes they rode the competition on.

Roll on Honda Quest 2019!