2018 Results


Spirit of Quest

Being a competition, Mojaki and Claude were deserved winners. However, every other team in their own way contributed to the collective success of getting through the 10 days safely and with a great sense of accomplishment.

One team in particular were deemed to be the recipients of the Team Spirit award. Team 7: Rickus Vermeulen & Pierre Breytenbach.

From the start not only were they great competitors, but blessed with an endless supply of anecdotes and amusing observations, they filled the role of cheerleaders and were often at the centre of things with a good word of support for all.

They showed the way in overcoming adversity with self-deprecating humour and raised the collective group moral when times were particularly tough.

An unlikely couple at first; an Actor from the big city of Pretoria and a Farmer from the south of Namibia, they ended the competition clearly loved by all and with a deep sense of camaraderie between them.

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