Day 4 Honda Quest 2020


The Richtersveld’s finest tracks and roads are now behind us, the best of the iconic Bushmanland, Tankwa Karoo and Cederberge lie ahead. Despite these adventuring delights, the days are starting to take their toll; there are some very tired bodies here in Kamieskroon tonight.

But let’s rewind to this morning. Different to other mornings, the teams were set off in 5 minute intervals on a timed navigation exercise that was tracked. It was a tricky exercise that required patience and attention to detail and led the group to the foot of “Peters Scramble”.

There have been many seriously difficult climbs in these first 4 days; this one is by far the hardest of them all. It took the group just over 3 hours to do the 500m 4×4 track, it is seriously eroded sandstone gravel with several switchbacks, deep erosion gulley’s and large step-up ledges.

Again, the Africa Twins were up to the task, for those who still had their doubts about the DCT, its constant torque and perfect gear selection made them converts. Despite numerous visits to mother earth, the bikes took it all in their stride.

As if to reward the contestants for the terrific effort of the morning, the rest of the day was a feast of rolling narrow trails and farm roads that skirted the borders of the Skilpad Reserve and Namaqua National Park, before ending in the quaint little village of Kamieskroon.

No-one is not in some way, carrying the effects of the previous 4 days. Brett, our medic, is doing a sterling job keeping the various ailments and scrapes from becoming serious issues.

Tonight’s presentations were;

The weather this evening is again unseasonably chilly and wet and even though all 13 competitors are in Spartan conditions in a hall, there is much humour and good spirits. Sleep though wasn’t wasted, tomorrow is another long day of True Adventure.