Day 7 Honda Quest 2020


The pace and intensity of Quest takes its toll on both Competitors and Support Crew. The static day on day 7 is both a tradition and a very much needed break in the relentless pace of the competition and the space to take a deep breath before the final push.

“Static Day” is a little misleading as there are still challenges to be done, they just happen to take place around the area we stayed in.

Before sunrise, the contestants fanned out into the open plains of the Tankwa. After spending such intense time together, the opportunity to be alone with your thoughts and not on a bike, reflecting on their journeys whilst watching a sunrise can had profound effects.

After this “Alone Time” there was a GPS navigation exercise where some serious skills in waypoint management were tested. What made it a little more sweaty was that there was no bike involved, just plane foot power. Not an easy thing as many were carrying niggling bruises and strains.

Later, the contestants were asked to present their nominations for a worthy Humanitarian Project. The money they pledged will be more than matched by Specialised Adventures.

Nic Rossouw from Team 7 was the deserved winner.

It was mostly an early evening for all as the next day was to be the sting in the tail!