Day 5 Honda Quest 2021


Those following Murray will be pleased to know he joined his partner this morning. He’s a little worse for wear, but isn’t worried.

The Richtersveld with all its delights have bid us Adieu. As with most visits to these places, we’ve heard many making plans to return with families and friends. Ahead are the evocative sounding Bushmanland, Tankwa Karoo and Cedarberg. Not much had been made of the harder parts of Quest other than to say the Day 5 climb is a monster. More suited to an enduro bike, few would consider this on an adventure bike. Today, it’s literally the first thing on the menu – not 20km from the chilly evenings camp. It’s a long, very steep, rutted, slippery test of ones courage and skill.

Hardy de Kock, Owner of Specialised Adventures who are hosting this event, raised his concerns about Devils Run. The recent rains had cut deep into the trail making it even more threatening than ever. His 3 instructors though, have final say on riding decisions and leaving this up to them, Jaco du Plessis the lead instructor who is a man of few words said, “Yes, there is much to lose here, but “Dream no small dreams, for they stir not the hearts of men””. It just so happens to be a favourite quote of Hardy’s 😉

Hardy was left to work on his stress levels whilst the teams got on with it.

2 riders had a clean run. The others had varying degrees of success. This hill counts! Despite the many falls, the rugged design of the bikes showed no sign of the ordeal. Everyone was praising the DCT for being able to accomplish the task; Less controls to operate, constant torque and never in the wrong gear.

The Northern Cape, if you are willing to go in search of them is laced with wonderful riding. As if to reward the sweating and swearing, the rest of the day was the very best type of adventure riding; weaving ones way through small trails that meander South.

Unfortunately, in an open, easy, though dusty riverbed, Hein Kumm Team #3 a gentle giant of a man and one of the only 2 to ace Devils Run, smashed a hidden boulder with his foot. He made it through to camp in Kamieskroon in good spirits, but, he shall have to wait for the morning to assess his condition that may affect him and his teams fate. Camp has an icy wind this evening. Summer seems to be eluding us so far!?

After presentations by;

Tom Steward – a fascinating discussion on the Quiver Tree

Pieter Siegling – spoke on the Cedarberg, complete with a piping hot cup of Rooibos Tea. A long tough day of 191km’s wasn’t finished yet. The group departed on a 60km night ride. Many have never done any off-road riding at night. It should be some very tired riders who make it to bed this evening. They have yet to return as of the writing of this at 9:30pm.

What does day 6 have in store?