Day 6 Honda Quest 2021


As with Murray, a strong dose of Voltarins, some rest and heaps of Vasbyt, Hein Kumm was, much to his partner Hugo Minnaar’s relief, back on the bike.

9:45pm was when they returned last night. 12 hours on the bike for the day! It’s a testament to the all-round ability of the big Twin that, the morning was hard-core off-road. Afternoon was flowing, quick twin track and the evening, gravel backroads around the mountains of Kamieskroon under the stars. A major reason why it’s rare that people will travel on a bike after dark off-road is because lighting is the issue. There are no such concerns at all for the Africa Twin. Its lights were a revelation for even the seasoned riders. It’s massively reassuring to ride into a wide tunnel of clear light thrown far down the road.

There was a biting wind that accompanied them too. Quite unexpectedly, the support crew met them for a very appreciated Hot Coffee and confectionaries. The juxtaposition of dusty, hardcore men, ready for anything to be thrown at them with a smile, stopping on the edge of a starlit escarpment for some of the sweeter things in life to appreciate the beauty of the land, isn’t a bad metaphor for the Honda Africa Twin. It does many things outrageously well.

By design, after yesterday’s marathon day, today was shorter but with tricky navigation. There are stunning hardly used backroad tracks that connect little used communities such as Twee-Riviere, Kheis, Karas and the Lankloof valley. Whilst we travelled through them, its apparent the rest of the world seems to pass them by. However, one stop next to an immaculately kept graveyard, spoke volumes about the people in that humble village.

Honda Quest’s focus is on the journey, the dream, the true Adventurer. It’s far bigger than the individual. Inspired by this small-town journey, a challenge for the contestants is to suggest a humanitarian project they want to implement in their homeplaces. The winner, voted by all crew and contestants will receive funding from the group as a whole. They will have their helmet time on tomorrows ride to put that together.

Tonight, we sleep in one of these miniscule communities called Uitspan. Just outside the few houses that make up the place is a field with small junior school. It’s just a tiny hall with a small stage and out houses. Perfect!

Dave Gouws took the stage to present on the Incas.

Heindri Visser followed him with the Kruger National Park.

Later in the evening, the contestants also watched all their videos up until Day 5. None of them had seen any of them yet. Being in Honda Quest is a huge undertaking, seeing and hearing themselves too, many were moved to tears.

Tomorrow is the longest day of Honda Quest.