Day 9 Honda Quest 2021


And so all good things must end… Possibly, if only to start the next good thing.

This morning, unlike every other, we have time. A very precious commodity that has been scarce since we left Cape Town. By design, the rhythm this morning has slowed to have those most important conversations before the outside world comes flooding back in. A decompression process of sorts.

As per tradition, the crew left the competitors to head to the prizegiving venue where it all started at Bootcamp just a month ago at the Kaleo Guest Farm. The three instructors stayed close for a while before stopping the group to say their words.

The group were then left on their own to privately say what needed to be said to each other to be complete with the journey. It’s a precious time.

Then, after a short 100km stage through the Southern End of the Cedarberg, they rolled dustily into Kaleo. Just 9 days previously they were relative strangers, polite and formal around each other. Now they were unrecognisable. It wasn’t the dust and travel grime that did that, it was on the inside; Their true adventure journey had irrevocably changed them. After a heartfelt welcome back by Yuishi Fukuda, president of Honda Motor Southern Africa, Ruan Ueckermann & Neil Rieck were declared the deserved winners of Honda Quest 2021.

The final tally was so very close amongst this great group who really are the winners in this Grand Adventure. However, both men’s infectious energy, bringing a smile to everything they did and their consistency both on and off the bike saw them richly deserving of their prize of keeping and riding home on the very Honda Africa Twin that they competed on.

“Instead of being afraid of the challenge and failure, be afraid of avoiding the challenge and doing nothing.” – Soichiro Honda